Hoffman Construction- Mark Hoffman
    Former President of the Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City       
    (913) 207-2555
Cobalt Construction
    (816) 842-1555
Dixon Construction
    (816) 616-9595
Glen Gery Brick
    (913) 281-2800
MD Management
    (913) 927-0009
Merriam Materials
   (913) 888-3773
Quality Sand and Materials
   (816) 254-7979
Robert Taylor Construction
   (816) 868-7336
Sturgis Materials
   (913) 371-7757
   (816) 918-1472
 Client Testimonials

“I contacted several masonry contractors for bids on repair work to cement blocks on my building. Sharp Masonry was by far the best bid. Also the work was done professionally and quickly. The Sharp brothers were a joy to work with.”

Rich Marchewka, Kansas City, MO

 “Sharp Masonry is the only brick masons I would ever recommend.  We have had three homes in the past 30 years that we have hired them to do the fireplace and brick front, all three have been unique and beautiful.  On my first home, I had no idea what they were going to create and wow, it was beautiful.  They were so easy to work with, all I had to do is give them the ideas I had envisioned in my head (like all woman do) and they turned it into something spectacular!    On my last home, our dream home, I cannot put into words how beautiful and rich the brick and stone looks.  They even matched the detached garage with the house.  They helped me with making my choices in brick, stone and Stucco.  We have had so many people stop and say that it is beautiful stonework and they want to know who did it.  I always recommend the Sharps.  They are a great family business and are all so talented.  Thank you Sharps!!  Now I can’t wait until we have them build an outside fireplace off my patio. ”           Kim H. – Kansas City, MO

“Sharp Masonry put in a fireplace in a new earth contact home we had built.  They were very professional, stayed within the cost quoted to us and the fireplace is beautiful.  Would highly recommend them to anyone!” Rosalee T.  Kansas City, MO

 I have been using Sharp Masonry for the past twenty years and have always been impressed by their quality workamanship and their ability to complete a project both on time and on budget. They have had the same craftsmen for the entire time I have used them, which allows a sense of trust in the experience of the company. I also appreciate that one of the owners of the company will answer the phone when I call and will follow my project from inception to completion. Mark E.

“I would highly recommend Sharp Masonry.  The brick they put on the front of our house looks fabulous.  We’ve received many compliments and we couldn’t be more pleased.”    Sean H. Liberty, MO

“I can’t recommend Sharp Masonry highly enough.  We needed a retaining wall put up in the front yard as the hill was slipping.  They not only put up the wall but designed it with three levels for flower beds which then curved around to the front of the house for another flower bed under the bay window.  It was exactly what we wanted and totally improved the way the house looked from the street.  Great job!”  Becky R.   Kansas City, MO

  1. Rich Marchewka says:

    I contacted several masonary contractors for bids on repair work to cement blocks on my building. Shapr masonary was by far the best dib. Also the work was done professionally and quickly. The Sharp brother were a joy to owrk with

    Rich Marchewka, Kansas City, MO

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