Why Brick?

We know there are many options when building a new home or office, but we can assure you that when you choose Sharp Masonry for all new construction and repairs you will also be getting:


  • Brick walls act as insulators.  The most energy-efficient walls are a combination of insulation and weight.  Walls that are heavy and dense, as brick walls are, conduct heat slowly.  This will reduce peak cooling loads in the summer and peak heating loads in winter, resulting in significant savings on energy bills.  Brick walls will also act as a natural sound barrier, quieting noise from the outside.

Higher Resale Value

  • Brick homes have a resale value approximately 6% higher than a comparable home without brick.  The small initial investment for brick will pay for itself over time.  Homebuyers prefer the prestige look and the ease and care that brick homes offer.

Fire Resistance

  • Made from natural clay materials, brick is the most fire-resistant of all siding materials. Home insurance rates are often lower on brick homes.

Maintenance Costs & Easy Care

  • No cleaning or painting is required with a brick home. You will recoup your initial investment for a brick home with money saved on maintenance in a relatively short time. Brick will not warp, crack, rot, corrode, split or dent, and doesn’t mind the weather. In fact, the look of a brick home actually improves throughout the years, looking more distinctive as it ages.

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